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Learning & Development

Here at Sunny Rayz, We have realised that many of the children that have been with us
long term by 2 & 3 are attaining some of the milestones expected of
reception children. Therefore entering reception well prepared with a
knowledge of phonics, numbers 1-20 and beyond or catching on very quickly
with reading in reception using memorisation and recall.

Here are some of our parents reviews on how Sunny Rayz methods have helped their child it their learning & development

Two Friends with a Tablet

"Sunny Rayz has managed to get the important but difficult balance of providing a strong pastoral environment, where kids are nurtured and feel loved and can grow, while at the same time providing a strong foundation in both aspects provided by Sunny Rayz.


Our child was able to pass assessments for some of the best schools in the country where he was very prepared both for the EYFS curriculum and the process of the day.


Indeed he was so ahead that the school has had to challenge him by giving books and materials from the year ahead so that he continues to be stretched."

"Manners, attention, arts & crafts, fine motor skills, turn taking, shapes, colours, numbers, letters, flashcards, songs and nursery rhymes. Education delivered in a loving and caring environment Makaton especially useful for us with F's condition.

Thank You Sunny Rayz!

Through our dedication to care and teaching, we have helped our children in preparation to fo on to their next educational setting. Our children have gone onto:

Rutherford House

Eveline Day School

Fircroft School

Wandsworth Preparatory School

Dulwich College DUCKS

Wimbledon Common Preparatory

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